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Here's a selection of commissions ranging from single rooms to full home renovations.

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The starting point for this wonderful kitchen was the owners' collection of vintage pieces and kitchenware. We did the initial layout plan, identified the kitchen company to build the units and helped source the final hardware, appliances and lighting. We worked closely with the owners and kitchen company to bring to life their vision of this desirable "modern vintage" kitchen.
Overall budget including kitchen cabinetry, hardware, appliances and accessories: circa £30,000.

Photos courtesy of Sam Hansard @vintagecuratedinteriors

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Jennyfer’s help with my kitchen redesign was invaluable. Her approach was calm, considered and flexible and I would not have ended up with the space I have now without her. She listened carefully to my requirements and guided me every step of the way making suggestions for improvements using a light touch when required and a more direct approach when necessary. From finding the right kitchen company to sourcing items as needed, she is an utter joy to work with.

Sam, London

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A family with young children approached us to give their outdated 1930s home a serious makeover. They love to entertain and wanted a space that they would be proud to have people over, but also accommodate their young family life. We completely revamped the entrance, dining room and living area into modern and inviting spaces. 
Overall budget including furniture, decorating, furniture and lighting circa £20,000.

"Hiring Jennyfer to help us furnish and decorate our downstairs has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. She went above and beyond for us, and made everything so easy. We would never have gotten half the things done to the house that we have done. Jennyfer took the stress out of making decisions and following through with planning. I would recommend her 100 times over. She has been an absolute pleasure, and we have had so many compliments on our house! We finally have a house we are proud of and it wouldn’t have happened without her." Charlotte

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After patiently searching for a house which had the potential to be the family home of their dreams, Bee and Simon finally took the plunge on this North London property. Needing extensive modernisation and care throughout, we worked with them to progressively extend and personalise the key living spaces - kitchen, family and dining room. The space can now grow and adapt with their evolving family needs.

Overall budget including decorating, materials, furniture and accessories circa £65K.

"Jenn’s experience was invaluable to our project.  She introduced ideas and energy which lifted our approach, leading to room designs we love." Simon

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This lovely rental was spacious but plain - a blank canvas. A makeover for four rooms, including sourcing furniture and accessories has created a fabulous pied-a-terre.
Overall budget including furniture and accessories: circa £10,000.

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"I engaged Jennyfer to help me furnish a small flat in London from scratch, a task that seemed daunting to me as I had no knowledge of what was available here, having lived abroad for many years.

Jennyfer was very friendly and helpful from the start, she took all the hassle away and turned the experience into a real pleasure.

She created mood boards that were detailed and comprehensive and reflected different options for each area. She suggested different furniture options and where they could be sourced, different floor coverings, lighting and soft furnishing items and we made several visits together to try furniture out and see it ‘in real life’. Her suggestions incorporated current furnishing trends while still matching perfectly my own personal taste and style.

Her use of colour, particularly, was truly inspirational, as she brought such freshness to the project. She also kept my budget very much in mind and was helpful in making savings in some areas to spend a little more in others if need be.

I can highly recommend Jennyfer for any interior design or decoration projects and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again in the future."

Angela G, London

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The new owners of this period home in London inherited a downstairs bathroom that was bland and boring, not reflecting their style and taste. By using a bold and distinctive wallpaper, we made this a space to enjoy and impress.

Overall budget including decorating, furniture and accessories circa £750.

"Working with Jennyfer has been the best decision we have ever made. Working with her as an expert interior designer has helped channel our creativity and vision in an effective and efficient way. It has taken away the burden of endless and frustrating research, leaving the fun and enjoyment of a renovation project. Jennyfer is exceptional at listening to her clients needs and wants and to propose solutions that respond to that. She is also very good at pushing the boundaries just enough to get a result you wouldn’t have thought of. Our next project: the front room, can’t wait to get started!" Irene, London

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This young person's bedroom is inspired by New York loft-style living (and Friends). As featured on

Overall budget including decorating, furniture and accessories circa £2,000.

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Thinking about upgrading your space but not sure where to start? Every project starts with a conversation. Get in touch for a chat.

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This garden makeover took an unused and unloved corner and turned it into a haven for secluded drinks or an outdoor cinema for family movie night. Inspired by my scheme, they even made their wonderful furniture from reclaimed wood. 

Overall budget including furniture and accessories circa £300 (amazing!).

"Thank you so very much. We love the space, your design was so inspiring and made me realise what I could do with a space that had sat empty for 8 years!"

Carole, London

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Spatial design and makeover to reclaim a central living space for a busy family.

Overall budget including decorating and accessories: £1,000.

"Since we extended the house 4 years ago, we had the common issue of the dark middle room in an open plan layout. The space was nice but ended up being a large corridor between the kitchen and living room."

"Working with Jennyfer has transformed the space, it now has a purpose, feels warm and invites you to stop and take a seat! Jennyfer has been able to translate my style, include a nod to my heritage whilst being aware of the needs of a family with 3 small children. Thank you Jennyfer for your dedication and determination to make our room perfect."

Nemisa, London

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Children's room makeover transitions from toddler to big girl.

Overall budget including decorating and furniture: £1,200.

"We are so pleased with my daughter’s room.  It now feels like a warm, calming and welcoming place to be and it makes me happy whenever I go in.  My daughter says she loves it all, especially the green! Jenn put together a mood board with suggested decor (with variations) and furniture and lighting. In the end we liked everything on the mood board and went with her original suggestions, but Jenn helped us explore other options for paint and wallpaper so that we felt sure in our choice, and we love it.

Jenn also costed everything to make sure it was in budget, and had some lovely and helpful money-saving suggestions, such as in the choice of wardrobe and painting the bed, and in arranging the furniture and pictures. It was a pleasure to work with Jenn on this and we are so grateful for her wonderful ideas."

Philippa, London

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Smart redesign turns a classic box room into cosy, comfortable tweenager hideaway.

Overall budget including decorating and furniture: £1,500.

"We are delighted with Jenn's transformation of our young daughter's bedroom. Jenn took on board all our colour and design likes, dislikes and needs and helped us create a stylish and welcoming room that we all love, within budget. We're also pleased that the room feels bigger now. Thanks to Jenn's clever layout changes and furniture recommendations, we've added a desk and still managed to increase the floor space. Would highly recommend. Thank you!"

Jo, London

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In desperate need of an injection of personality, their living space required a rethink to make it a multi-purpose open plan living space for cooking, dining, children's play, music & relaxing.

Overall budget including decorating & accessories: £2,500.

"Jenn brought to our house the touch I always wanted, encouraging me to daring and adventurous and it's made all the difference.  The house was plain and boring when we first bought it, but has now become our little den - warm & cozy with nature brought inside.  Everything became possible thanks to her good listening & design advice - all within a completely affordable budget."

Sophie, London

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Every project starts with a conversation. Get in touch for a chat.

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I helped Nina turn a long neglected and challenging decking space into a peaceful oasis for the family.

Overall budget including planting £300

"We have this great decking area leading straight from our dining area with bi-folding doors but I just couldn't really see how to make the most out of it. I knew I wanted to make it an  enjoyable space without spending a fortune and also keeping it simple. But I had no idea how. So I did nothing.

Covid-19 happened and I realised that we'd spend more time than ever at home. I had to do something with that space! I contacted Jennyfer and she listened to my thoughts, asked about colours I liked and how I wanted to use that space. I then, within a few days, got a couple of suggestions/schemes based on our conversation and one of them really caught my eyes.

Now I spend some time out here every day. Previous years, I haven't really used it at all. I'm so, so pleased with the transformation. It feels like me and I can really enjoy the space. Of all the various things I've done so far in 2020, investing in this space with help from Jennyfer, is the best I've done!" Nina, London

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